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After certain events, an entire shift or crew may need peer support. Just let us know how we can help.

Our first responder group peer support team is ready when you need us.



Sometimes, a group discussion can initially be helpful when shifts, crews, or a group of people experience a traumatic event.

Knowing that others have experienced a similar situation, or understand the responsibility, often initiates a discussion that leads others to open up. This creates a supportive environment and an avenue to triage what assistance may be needed.

Peer mentors from 6th Alarm are usually available within 48-96 hours, but immediate services can be arranged.

Our goal is to help first responders process the situation and find ways to heal. But most importantly, we want to end the stigma around asking for help.


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First responders need to know that they are not alone in any situation—on duty and off.

We’re first responders, too, so we understand your thoughts, concerns, and fears surrounding major events. We’re here to help, never judge. If you need assistance, please call or send us an email, and we’ll find you the support you need based on your unique situation.


Get Connected

We’ll lead confidential discussions for:

  • Dispatchers
  • EMS personnel
  • Firefighters and supporting staff

  • Law enforcement
  • And any other emergency responders


Group Support Options


1Informal Group Support

After a tragic event or any other group circumstance, we'll send a couple of our team members to hold an informal discussion with your shift or crew. First, we would just listen to anyone who wants to talk. Our team would then discuss the range of feelings they may have, help your first responders recognize signs of serious mental health problems—which may happen as a result of the incident—and share resources that would be available for them. We usually recommend this type of support for groups that are not yet showing any signs of struggle.

2Formal Critical Incident Stress Debrief (CISD)

6th Alarm’s team psychologist has had extensive training and experience in conducting critical incident debriefings. You can schedule a CISD after your team has undergone a traumatic event and is struggling in the aftermath. These debriefings are best held within 72 hours of the incident and have a clearly defined procedure.

Not sure which type of group support is best for your situation?

Contact us, and we can help you decide.

Our first responder group peer support mentors are ready to help.


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