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Coworkers, families, and friends are all affected by the toll that being a first responder brings. We educate those who support you with our first responder outreach presentations.



We are aware of the negative stigma surrounding peer support for first responders.



We’re also very familiar with the mental and physical demands of this line of work—and our brothers and sisters need to know they do not have to fight any battle alone.

Our goal is to educate, open a dialogue, and encourage first responders to seek support for a number of issues they face, such as:

    • Anger management
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Discussing a traumatic event
    • Family, work, and relationship challenges
    • Financial stresses
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Substance abuse
    • And more
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In our line of work, we know that it usually isn’t one incident that tests our resolve.



It’s a combination of years on the job, people we've encountered, things we've witnessed, and calls we've responded to that leave us numb, callous, broken, and speechless at times.

Our trained, volunteer peer mentors understand these situations because, as first responders ourselves, we’ve been there and experienced the same emotions and challenges.

We want other first responders to know they are not alone—and we can help them process, talk about, or provide guidance for just about any situation.


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Although you’re extremely proud of your first responder, we can tell you that it can (or will) be a challenge to love or live with them.



Long hours, lack of sleep, terrible environments, high stress, and tragedy are part of their daily lives. And like it or not, they tend to bring all of this home—without even knowing it.

In most cases, first responders have an idea of what they are signing up for. But many family members don’t understand the potential mental and physical hazards that can come along with the job.

Short tempers, poor communication, a need for downtime, and a shift in certain responsibilities are all things that first responder families may need to learn to navigate.

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Our goal is to educate and open a dialogue.



We’re seasoned veterans and retired first responders from a number of local agencies, so we understand the responsibilities and challenges your loved one may face.

We want other first responders and their families to know that no one fights alone—and we can help them process, talk about, or provide guidance for just about any situation.


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