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We provide peer support for our first responder brothers and sisters because we see the toll this line of work takes on people and their families.

We match you with a first responder mentor who understands your battles.

On the job, it’s common for first responders to encounter dangerous, stressful, and life-threatening situations. But it’s usually a combination of things we witness, calls we respond to, people we meet, and the number of years on the job that leave us numb, callous, broken, and speechless at times.

Talking to someone in an individual, confidential setting who has had similar experiences can bring you peace of mind. This is why 6th Alarm was founded. Our first responder mentors are here to help by offering peer support for any emergency personnel, including:

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While every firefighter has different experiences, our mentors have faced similar situations throughout their own careers. We understand the challenges you face at the station and at home because we’ve lived it.


Firefighter Peer Support

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Law Enforcement

A career in law enforcement tends to put you in stressful, life-threatening situations on a daily basis. Our police mentors understand your experiences and are here to provide confidential peer support.


Police Peer Support

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Paramedics and EMTs consider long hours, challenging patients, and difficult family members just part of the job, but these things can take a toll. When it comes to stress at work or home, our EMS mentors are here to help, not judge.


EMS Peer Support

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Dispatchers are the ones tasked with getting the important information that helps the caller and protects the officers, EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters rushing to the scene. Our mentors have been in your position and understand your battles.


Dispatcher Peer Support

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