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Your financial support will help us train qualified peer mentors and provide educational materials for first responders and their families.

Your financial support will go a long way in aiding first responders.



We’ve seen the mental and physical impact that being a first responder has, and it’s time to remove the negative stigma that surrounds getting help.

From the things they witness to the mental battles they face every day, it’s important they know that they're fully supported by other first responders and the community that they serve.

We’ve been in their shoes and responded to similar calls, so we understand the mental and physical strain this line of work can bring. Thank you for financially supporting this mission.


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We appreciate your dedication to the first responders in our community.

You can mail in donations or give online.








P.O. Box 2001

West Lafayette, IN 47996

Thank you for your financial support.


We can’t fulfill our mission of helping first responders without you!